About Erdle Consulting Group

Management Consulting for Nonprofits, Small Business and Foundations

We have more than 20 years of experience supporting organizations like yours. Erdle Consulting Group helps you overcome internal roadblocks and streamline processes. So if you are looking to improve organizational performance, whether you are adding or changing staff, raising funds, or investing in your operation to support growth, we can help.

We are experts in

  • Organizational performance analysis and solutions
  • Fund development and strategy
  • Executive Director or Development Staff Coaching
  • Development audits and assessments
  • Staff transition management
  • Board leadership development
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
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Erdle Consulting Group provides an expert, external perspective to help you solve your  strategic issues, from resource development to a staff transition,  to launching a new idea or exploring a different approach to your annual fundraising or capital campaign.


We will interview stakeholders, both internal and external, to determine a plan to move you forward. We review and analyze your people, your processes, your technology and your information, including communications. We make recommendations and develop plans specific to your needs, your goals and your budget.

We help you navigate your organizational challenges, delivering better solutions in partnership with your internal team. Your investment with Erdle Consulting Group will get you on track and focused, allowing you to optimize opportunities.