We are Business Savvy Community Advocates

We are community leaders and active community participants, dedicated to helping communities, foundations, organizations, boards and individuals address their management needs and challenges. We founded this business in 2006 to provide high-level support to leadership, boards and staff looking to solve strategic issues in their foundations, organizations and businesses.

Erdle Consulting Group handles the tough problems and gets your organization moving forward. We have the flexibility to step in and solve issues, addressing your needs in a very hands-on way that will strengthen your performance and meet your targeted outcome - philanthropic strategy, fundraising, Board engagement, leadership development, community relationships - moving your small business, organization, association or foundation forward.


Erdle Consulting Group has more than 30 years experience in grantmaking, fundraising and development strategy in a variety of fields. We know that most organizational issues stem from broader strategic challenges, and we can not address a tactical area without a deeper dive into strategy- governance, board leadership, operations, funding, marketing, programs and communications, technology and data management. Therefore, our assessments and, ultimately, our recommendations will include these related organizational components.

Read more about our philosophy and approach when working on Integrated Development with our non-profit clients