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Organizational Performance Analysis

Often times, getting from point A to point B isn’t happening because of a really simple roadblock in the way you do business, whether for-profit, grantmaker or non-profit. We can assess these roadblocks and make recommendations for you with best practices recommendations, internal and external process changes, technology capacity, and communications in order to become a better, more efficient and goal oriented organization and team.

Allison's communications are informative and useful in regard to the grant reporting and the application process. She is very focused and to the point. Her work creates a space for discussion of challenges and hears ideas about the opportunities that the nonprofit partners present to solve them. She has strengthened communication and outreach to those of us who have received grants and significantly updated and streamlined the grant application process."

- Washington Forrest Foundation Grant Partners

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Philanthropic Advisory & Grantmaking Services

We have years of experience working with family and private foundations. Let us support your philanthropic strategy by reviewing and making recommendations to key components of your Governance, Grantmaking, Board & Family Engagement and Communications areas. We are skilled in benchmarking operational expenses with tax, grantmaking, and investment returns. Whether it is solidifying your Board, building capacity to support the daily operations, identifying grantmaking strategies or performing non profit due diligence, we can support you to feel good about your philanthropy and make an impact.

Allison asks great questions and serves as a true partner in our planning… she understands our work well."

- Washington Forrest Foundation Grant Partners

Fund Development Strategy & Planning

A good development plan is sustainable and achieves desired fundraising results. We help your organization develop and implement a fundraising strategy and plan that works with the capacity you have, addresses the strengths and weaknesses of staff, and capitalizes on opportunities for growth and current and future program goals.

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Leadership Coaching & Staff Transition Management

The leadership staff or board of your organization or business may at times feel mired in the tactical or day-to-day operation. Finding opportunities to review strategy around management and big picture is not only essential but critical to organizational success. We help guide your focus and determine what capacity you need based on current and future organizational goals. We also can offer staff bridge support to keep up with your specific time sensitive goals or projects as you seek new staff.

Community/Stakeholder Engagement & Relations

Erdle Consulting Group provides internal and external stakeholder engagement support, from convening and facilitating small private meetings to organizing large community forums and communicating key messages.

Stakeholder engagement is critical to successful project outcomes, no matter if your goal is a building redevelopment or to solicit participation in a charitable project or to communicate the work you have successfully achieved.

In addition to impacting your project, your stakeholder process will have a direct impact on your organization’s reputation. We help you develop your network and communicate your mission or business objectives to that community. We can work with you to navigate the “ins” and “outs” of both internal stakeholder engagement and community engagement, allowing you to focus on your core work.

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Allison's involvement in the community enables her to keep abreast of community needs and those of us who are working to meet them. Her efforts to connect like-minded people and organizations and her staying abreast of needs and emerging opportunities is very impactful. She has done a great job of connecting with the community."

- Washington Forrest Foundation Grant Partners

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Fund Development Audits & Program Assessments

We also provide expert assistance to organizations needing to improve or transition their development or fundraising operations. We assess all operations related to the fundraising function, including implementation, roles and responsibilities, measurement and tracking and use of technology. Our process is comprehensive and many times involves talking with Board members and other stakeholders to create an achievable and manageable strategy for the organization.